My Upside Down Journey

After reading a webpage about growing tomatos "upside down", I decided to try it myself. I had never heard of such a thing until two weeks ago. And on the Saturday May 28, 2007 when I went to Walmart and bought a couple of tomato plants and potting soil, that was when my first experience started. So that is how I decided to embark on my own journey for growing tomatoes upside down.

Growing Upside Down? Tomato Myths debunked.

True story: It doesn't matter what kind of tomato planter you use. You can grow tomatoes upside down in any container meant to grow plants upside down. Yes, it's that simple. No, it doesn't make a big difference between the type of container you use. No, it doesn't matter much if it has bug retardant or not.I swear that the only difference you might see between upside down tomato container when growing is that one might be sturdier than the other. For most, the big advantage of using a container that is already put together and won't fall apart is why most upside down growers just buy theirs.

Back to the story..

14 days after setting the plant in a bucket upside down, the plant is just starting to show blooms. The plant looks very healthy. There is no sign of any leaf disease. There is no sign of bugs eating on the plant.

90 days later - I tested some of the tomatoes. They taste damn good! I'm glad I did this. :D

Right now as it stands, I'm going to try growing some more tomatoes upside down in the future because I enjoyed this so much more than regular tomatoes. Plus, there's not bugs inside of them!

The Best 13,000-year old Innovation

Want to learn the reason why growing tomatoes upside down is better? Or better yet, the reason why no one has told you growing upside down is the best 13,000-year old innovation?