Upside Down Gardening Overview

So what is the big deal with growing upside down tomatoes? Are they better than ordinary plants or do they hold some special magic about them that allows for them to such a popular creation.

Why might you wish to grow tomatoes upside down? The main idea is supposed to be that it cuts down on soil born pests and diseases, reduces rotting problems and the warming of the roots stimulates growth and a greater yield of tomatoes. An additional benefit is that a lot of the work on the plant becomes waist to head height. Reducing the bending down.

That is why traditionally upside down tomato plants have been shown to grow better, juicier, and overall healthier berries. Read on if you want to learn more.

How does it work in practices?

Results from other gardening websites seem to be mixed. I am not sure that the technique is any more mixed than with more traditional gardening - it seems it just comes with its own set of issues.

Which types of tomatoes work?
The best type of tomato to use is pretty simple. To be frank, it doesn't matter what kind of tomato you use so long as it has already begun to grow. What I mean by this is that if you use a tomato plant that has been grown from a seed and the green sprout has already come up, it's absolutely fine to use.

Now what do I plan to do after this?
I feel the answer to that question is relatively simple. I plan to focus as much time and as much effort into planning my upside down garden for next year as possible.

Still unsure about upside down gardening?

Then do not under any circumstances try gardening upside down until you've learned how to grow upside down tomatoes in 8 easy steps -- That way you won't have to deal with any of the common mistakes and disappointing gardening outcomes that many firs-time upside down gardeners face. (And just in case you found this page because you were trying to find out why your upside down tomatoes didn't turn out to be the best that they could have been: Do NOT eat your tomatoes if they're hard at the bottom. That's solidified calcium and you NEED to read the aforementioned article because you missed one crucial step int he gardening process!)

If you know how to garden and you really do want to try it, then be sure to check out the web encyclopedia on upside down tomatoes, you'll be more than just pleasantly surprised at all the juicy information, and luscious upside down gardening advice on tomatoes and more that you can just walk away with!