What Does it Take to Grow Tomatoes Upside Down?

While is may not seem simple at first glance, there are many advantages to growing tomatoes upside down. Most of the advantages are related to those that hanging tomato planters have, but some are very, very different indeed.

So read on!

The advantages of growing tomatoes upside down:
  • There is no need to stake tomatoes or assist in making them grow right - They simply hang down, and you might need to prune, but rest assured that there's no need for tomato cages or tomato stakes!
  • Fantastic air cirulation - This means that the tomatoes have Improved pollination and they have healthier plants because the air circulates better around the upside down tomato plants instead of those sprawling on stakes, etc.
  • Grow your tomatoes almost anywhere that has sunlight.
  • Early maturing plants - Plants mature much, much faster. This is partly due to sunlight being able to reach it and partly due to the air circulation explained earlier.
  • No need to worry about soil diseases like fungus or bacteria - Since you are using soil that’s fresh (and maybe even a soilless mix) the problems with diseases in the soil are reduced.
  • Less susceptible to insects - That's right, your plants hang upside down so it's harder for insects, critters, and animals to ruin your plants!

Here's What It Takes:

It's easy to grow upside down. All you need is (1) a tomato seed, (2) some soil, (3) an tomato planter that's upside down, and (4) water. It sounds as hard as it is and the results are ever so rewarding!